Fequently Asked Questions

What kind of Pre-Sale Tickets do you offer?

We have Pre-Sale Ride Tickets, Pre-Sale Ride Wristbands and Pre-Sale Triple Tix (good for games, food and drinks). All are discounted if purchased prior to Oktoberfest.

Can I buy single tickets or part of a sheet during Pre-Sale?

No, we can only sell the tickets by the sheet during Pre-Sale.

Fequently Asked Questions - RIDES

How much are the Pre-Sale Ride Wristbands?

The wristbands are $35 each.  With the wristbands you can ride the rides an unlimited number of times on Saturday from 2 to 5pm OR Sunday from 1 to 4pm. Wristbands are not available for Friday night or offered for the entire weekend.

How much are the Oktoberfest Pre-Sale Ride tickets?

One sheet of Pre-Sale Ride tickets is $30. Each sheet has 10 tickets, one ticket is good for one ride. So one sheet will get you on 10 rides (a cost of $3.00/ride). These are only pre-sold in sheets of 10 tickets, no singles.

Is there a discount for buying the Pre-Sale Ride tickets or Wristbands early?

Yes, there is a significant discount if you buy the Pre-Sale Ride Tickets. Each ticket is good for ONE RIDE (any ride) and the cost is $3.00 per ride. These tickets are sold in sheets of 10.
If you wait and buy the ride tickets during Oktoberfest you will need to buy multiple tickets per ride. The cost ranges from $3.00 to $7.00 per ride during Oktoberfest.

Pre-Sale Wristbands are $35 versus $40 during Oktoberfest. A $5 savings!

Will there be any rides for young children?

Yes, there will be a variety of rides for all ages.  A list of the rides can be found here.

If I accompany my child on a ride, do I need tickets?

Yes, you and your child will both need ride tickets if you accompany your child on any ride.

What rides will you have?
Are there any height requirements for the ride?

Yes, the height requirements are as follows:

  • Major Rides have a minimum height requirement of 42-48″ or may ride if accompanied by an adult.
  • Mild Rides have a minimum height requirement of 36-42″ or may ride if accompanied by an adult.
  • Kiddie Rides have a minimum height requirement of 20-36″, some may require an adult.

Fequently Asked Questions - TRIPLE TIX

Can I buy Pre-Sale Game, Food and Drink Tickets?

Returning This Year!! You can buy Triple Tix! These tickets will be used for Games, Food, and Drinks. Note: The Triple Tix is good for ANY DRINKS, including soft drinks, water, beer, wine and margaritas.

Is there a discount if I buy Triple Tix before Oktoberfest?

Yes, you will be able to purchase $30 worth of tickets for $25.  Each ticket will have a value of $1.00 during Oktoberfest.  A $5 savings!

How much are the Triple Tix during Oktoberfest?

The Triple Tix will be $1.00 each if purchased during Oktoberfest.

How much do Oktoberfest games cost?

The cost to play a game is from $2 up to $6 depending on the game.  A list of the games can be found here.

Will Triple Tix be used for the Dime Toss and Novelty Booths?

As in past years, the Dime Toss and Novelty Booths will only accept cash.

What happens if I run out of Triple Tix while playing games or buying food and drinks, will the booth accept cash or credit cards?

The Beer Garden and Food Booths will accept BOTH cash and credit card payments.  The Game Booths will only accept Triple Tix.

Can Triple Tix be used for Bingo?

No. Bingo has their own tickets and will only accept cash or credit cards.  There is no pre-sale for Bingo Tickets, they must be purchased in the Hall while playing.

Time Remaining to Order ONLINE and SAVE!


$30/Sheet of 10
  • Presale tickets: 10 rides or $3 per Ride
  • Prices at Oktoberfest are $35 for a sheet of 40 tickett or $1 per single ticket. Each ride takes 3-7 tickets (10 rides may cost 30 - $70)


  • Valid Saturday 2:00 - 5:00 pm
  • OR Valid Sunday 1:00 - 4:00 pm
  • $40 during Oktoberfest