List of Games and Number of Tickets per Game

No.GameTickets per Game
308Balloon Bust2 tickets for 2 balls, 3 tickets for 3 balls
314Basketball3 tickets for 1 shot, 8 tickets for 3 shots
302Bean Bag Toss1 ticket for 2 bean bags
304Dip Bowl2 tickets for 3 balls
312Duck Pond3 tickets, Winner Every Time
353Face Painting2 tickets small , 3 tickets medium, 5 tickets large, 7 tickets full face
309Fish Bowl1 ticket for 10 balls
305Football Throw2 tickets for 3 throws
315Frogger2 tickets for 2 frogs
351Glass PitchDimes, Cash Only
311Life Buoy2 tickets for 5 balls, 3 tickets for 9 balls, 5 tickets for 20 balls
306Line A Line2 tickets for 5 balls  
353NoveltiesCash Only
316One Ball3 tickets for 1 ball, 5 tickets for 2 balls
318Ping Pong Blower2 tickets, Winner Every Time
310Pitch Til U Win3 tickets, Winner Every Time
303Plunkett / Ping Pong Blower2 tickets, Winner Every Time
307Ring A Duck3 tickets for 2 rings, 5 tickets for 4 rings
313Soda Pop Toss1 tickets for 5 rings, 2 ticktets for 11 rings
317XP League Video Game5 tickets for 5 minutes